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JTGJM Precision Liquid Filter

JTGJM Precision Liquid Filter

    High Flow Sanitary Filter
    JTGJM Precision liquid filter is a large flow and multi cartridges sanitary liquid filter, can meet the requirements of different sizes of flow rate.

Product Options

Shell diameter:
Series number:
Qty. Of basket:
Model of basket:
Qty. of Bag Filter:
Model of Bag Filter:
Shell Material:
In-outlet connection:
Finish Type:
Cartridges connection:
Type of construction:
Magnet model:
Diatomite filtration Filter area:
Filter plate Diameter:
Qty. of Filter Stacks:
Model of Filter Stacks:


The structure design and manufacture in accordance with the sanitary grade. It's no dead corner, meet " GMP" standard , easy to clean, drain thoroughly, no residual liquid.

For the application of some very harsh cleaning, the filter faceplate made of detachable, full angle cleaning


The ultra high level of polishing, the inner surface polished to 0.3μm Ra. the outer surface to reach 0.4μm, the absolute hygienic level polishing.
Dealing with large flow, compact design saves space
Side in bottom out of the design to ensure that the liquid medium can be completely emissions, at the same time using the tangent export options, making sewage discharge thoroughly, worker is easy to Operating
More than 15 cartridges filter housing can used the design of  swinging arm and eyebolt or quick open , easy to operating, economical and practical


Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of antibiotics and other liquid filtration.
Food and beverage industry: wine , mineral water, drinking water filtration.
Oil industry: oil field water injection filtration
Electronics industry: high purity water filtration
Chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvent, acid, lye filtration.

Surface Finish

Treatment Type

mechanical polishing,
electrolytic polishing

Polishing precision

Inner surface Ra≤0.4μm ,
Outside surface Ra≤0.6μm.

Operating Conditions

Max Operating pressure


Max Operating Temp.



Online or steam sterilization:
125℃/20 min


Vent valve, drain valve

304, 316L



Stabilizer blade



Shell connection

Flange (Eyebolt)

Pressure gauge N3 (optional)


Vent valve N4

1/2”Tri-clamp (less than 12 pcs)
1.5” Tri-clamp (More than 12 pcs)

Drain valve N5

1/2” Tri-clamp (3pcs)
3/4” Tri-clamp (5pcs to 12pcs)
1” Tri-clamp  (More than 15pcs)


Dimension Parameters 3pcs(4pcs) 5pcs(6pcs)
20” 30” 40” 20” 30” 40”
A:Total height ( excluding pressure gauge) 1123 1373 1623 1145 1395 1645
B:The distance from inlet to center 142 165
C:diameter Φ204 Φ250
D1:The height from inlet N1 to the ground 540 660
E:The height from outlet N2 to the ground 300 300
In-outlet N1, N2 dimension 1.5”/2” 1.5”/2”/2.5”

7pcs 8pcs
20” 30” 40” 20” 30” 40”
1145 1395 1645 1170 1420 1670
176.5 190
Φ273 Φ300
660 660
300 300
1.5”/2”/2.5” 1.5”/2”/2.5”/3”
9pcs(10pcs) 12pcs(11pcs)
20” 30” 40” 20” 30” 40”
1170 1420 1670 1170 1420 1670
202.5 215
Φ325 Φ350
660 660
300 300
1.5”/2”/2.5”/3” 1.5”/2”/2.5”/3”
Dimension Parameters 15pcs(18pcs) 21pcs 24pcs(27/30pcs)
40” 40” 40”
A:Total height ( excluding pressure gauge) 1947 1959 2026
B:The distance from inlet to center 240 265 290
C:Diameter Φ400 Φ450 Φ500
D1: The height from inlet N1 to the ground 682 694 714
D2:The height from outlet N2 to the ground 300
In-outlet N1, N2 dimension 3”/3.5”/4”

36pcs 42pcs 48pcs(54pcs) 56pcs
40” 40” 40” 40”
2036 2044 2067 2162
315 340 365 390
Φ550 Φ600 Φ650 Φ700
729 734 744 808
300 350
The above-mentioned data is standard, it can be customized according to customer's requirements

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