Solvent-based extractions typically produce concentrates that are known as oil. If made properly, this means the concentrate will be free of plant matter (also known as contaminate). These oils will melt and vaporize to nothing – meaning very minimal residue will remain on the nail if dabbed, for instance.
The consistency of solvent-based cannabis concentrates varies greatly based on a few factors: strain of cannabis, growing conditions, curing environment, extraction technique, the solvent used, purging process and equipment used all play a role in the final product.

Here are just some products and systems we develop for CBD extraction application.

· TQ Multifunctional extraction tank · TNH-Z Extract concentrat and recovery skid · DJT Single purpose external cycling vacuum conentractor · SJN Double-effect concentrator · SJN Triple-effect concentrator · SJM Falling film evaporation concentrator · JH Ethanol recycle tower · ZN Series vacuum decompressing concentrator · QN Series spherical concentrator · JTRFY Reactor · JTRJJ Crystallizing Tank · JTGDB Lenticular Filter Housing · JTRDC Multi-function Extraction Tank · JTRCG Storage Tank · JTRSF Biological Fermentation Tank · JTRHJ Wine Fermentation Tank · JTRPJ Beer Fermentation Tank · JTRRJ Horizontal Melting Dissolving Tank · JTRGR High Shear Emulsification Tank · JTRZR Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

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