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Titanium rod filter

Titanium rod filter

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Shell diameter:
Series number:
Qty. Of basket:
Model of basket:
Qty. of Bag Filter:
Model of Bag Filter:
Shell Material:
In-outlet connection:
Finish Type:
Cartridges connection:
Type of construction:
Magnet model:
Diatomite filtration Filter area:
Filter plate Diameter:
Qty. of Filter Stacks:
Model of Filter Stacks:


•No particles fall off, do not pollute the liquid
•Resistance to high temperature (300 degree), acid and alkali corrosion, strong oxidation resistance
•excellent Mechanical strength, high precision, can be online regeneration, easy to clean, strong regeneration ability, long service life
• good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, can be used in a wide pH range

•Strong ability to resist microorganisms, not with the role of microorganisms, can be applied in the field of biological engineering and pharmaceuticals

• decarbonization filtration of Consistency link about transfusion, injection, drop eye drops, oral liquid in Pharmaceutical industry and security filtration of diluted link in the terminal filtration •    Impurity filtration, decarburization filtration and fine filtrationin API production
•in water treatment industry, ultrafiltration, RO, EDI system security filtering, ozone filtration and sterilization after ozone aeration
•Food and beverage beverage, liquor, vegetable oil, vinegar and other clarification filtration
•decarbonization and fine filtration of liquid products, raw materials in chemical industry and pharmaceutical intermediates

Technical Parameter
•Type &Size:
Outer diameter:Φ60mm  Length:10”,20”,30”,40”
Cartridges Connection:M20 type、M30 type、222 type、226 type
•Component Material:
Body:Metal titanium powder
Framework:304/316Lstainless steel
Sealing Ring:EPDM, PTFE, FKM, Silicon

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