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JTZL Vacuum Emulsifier Systems

JTZL Vacuum Emulsifier Systems

    JHENTEN vacuum emulsifying unit is a combination for highly integrated design concept with perfect system. It is very practical for the production on site, and brings good experience for the friendly HCI.


The whole production process technology and manufacturing control are in comply with the German’s delicateness; the core components are of high quality international brand. For that Jhenten guarantees the stability and reliability of the machines, also the qualification of meeting the international GMPC standards and norms.

The Advantages
supports CIP / SIP systems and on-site cleaning equipment;
offers a variety of open interfaces for more equipment and better system compatibility;
supports remote diagnostics;
more convenient maintenance;
14-inch color touch screen;
better man-machine interface;
flexible and efficient on-site operation.

The batch size, formulation, type of ingredients and the viscosity of the end product dictate which shearing machine is best suited to individual processing requirements:

High Shear Batch Mixers
• Suitable for batch sizes up to 400 US gallons
• Can be used on mobile floor stands
• Sealed units available for pressure/vacuum operation
• Small units available for R&D and pilot production

High Shear In-Line Mixers
• Ideal for larger batches
• Aeration free
• Easily retrofitted to existing process
• Self-pumping
• Can be used to discharge the vessel
• Multistage units available
• Ultra Sanitary units available
• High viscosity models available

High Shear Bottom Entry Mixers

• Generally used in conjunction with an anchor stirrer/scraper
• Suitable for use on high viscosity products - gels, deodorant sticks or those that increase in viscosity or solidify on cooling

Model Working capacity(L) Blending power(KW) Emulsifying power(KW) Emulsifying rotation speed(r/min) Vacuum degree(-MPa) Heating method(Option) Outline dimensions W×H×L
JTZL-SW50 50 1.5 2.2 0-3500 -0.09 Electric heating or steam heating 250×200×260
JTZL-SW100 100 1.5 4 0-3500 -0.09 270×220×280
JTZL-SW200 200 1.5 4 0-3500 -0.09 300×250×320
JTZL-SW300 300 2.2 5.5 0-3500 -0.09 320×250×330
JTZL-SW500 500 3 7.5 0-3500 -0.09 360×250×350
JTZL-SW1000 1000 5.5 11 0-3500 -0.09 400×300×400
JTZL-SW1500 1500 5.5 15 0-3500 -0.09 410×350×400
JTZL-SW2000 2000 7.5 18.5 0-3500 -0.09 430×360×480

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