Our Culture

On Jhenten Machinery, quality values are entrenched, while we focus on quality, we also pay more attention to combination of efficiency, safety, cost and productivity. Jhenten Machinery is an excellent manufacturer in the pharmaceutical 、 food and beverage field, In Jhenten Machinery, Quality isn't just a Word!


Produce high value-added pharmaceutical products and aseptic & safety food and beverage products all need high-quality sanitary vessel. And the key of produce high-quality sanitary vessel is excellent production capacity、high-quality material、precision fabricate process、exact quality control and creative design ,like aseptic operation、no dead corner design、CIP/SIP、high-quality parts、easy to monitoring.


Sanitary vessel is just a stand-alone device, it also used to be an unit device on a whole automatic process, be consider as a function module include : mixing、homogeneity、dispersing and measure ,be connect with control unit、valve and pipe system.


Jhenten Machinery can supply all kinds of sanitary vessel, it can meet the bio-pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical process requirements. We have D1/D2 pressure vessel manufacture qualification, professional design and manufacture team,mature manufacture process can help customers select correct device, to ensure products safety、stable and high efficiency used.

Sanitary Vessel-Value and performance combination
Our target is to be the benchmark of sanitary vessel.

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