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PP/PE/NMO Liquid Filter Bag

PP/PE/NMO Liquid Filter Bag

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•Polypropylene (PP) / Polyester (PE) Liquid Filter Bag: Fold able multi-layer composite deep bed filtration structure make it has higher tolerance ability of sewage and the greater the filtration flow; long service life and efficient filtering capabilities are awarded to its large surface area and deep filtration structure of density progressive Change. Low differential pressure, long service life, the sanitary material manufacturing, high filtration precision, excellent oil absorption function; broad chemical compatibility for in a variety of filtering environment
•Nylon (NMO) Liquid Filter Bag: nylon monofilament welding, not easy to deformation, high tensile strength; fixed aperture of mesh structure, fixed value filtering, excellent stability; more stable sealing ring structure due to strengthened outer lining sealing; suitable for filtration of high viscosity materials and hard particles and other coarse filtration.

•Polypropylene (PP) / Polyester (PE) Liquid Filter Bag: applying in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, fine chemical, electronics and methanol, bio fuel production, water treatment and filtration.

•Nylon (NMO) Liquid Filter Bag: applying in food and beverage, vitamin provided chain agent, beer assist-filtration and filtration and active ingredient recycling, UV coating,painting of high viscosity, a circuit board with resin, high grade lubricating oil, gel leachate.

Technical Parameter
•Type &Size:
#1(1S):Φ180 x 430;#2(2S):Φ180x 810;#3(3S):Φ105 x 230;#4(4S):Φ105x 380
•Component Material:
Body:PP、PE、NMO      Sealing Ring:  plastic ring (Q), stainless steel ring (S)
•Performance Of The Liquid Filter Bag:
PP/PE Liquid Filter Bag:0.5μm,1μm,5μm,10μm,25μm,50μm,75μm,100μm,150μm,200μm,250μm,300μm
NMO Liquid Filter Bag:20μm,40μm,60μm,80μm,100μm,120μm,150μm,200μm,250μm,300μm,400μm,500μm
Effective Filtration Area:0.25 m2(#1);0.50 m2(#2);0.08 m2(#3);0.15 m2(#4)
Maximum Filter Water Flow:20 m3/h(#1);40 m3/h(#2);6 m3/h(#3);12 m3/h(#4)
Pressure Difference To Change:1.03kg/cm2~1.72kg/cm2(PP)/(PE)、1.03kg/cm2~2.41kg/cm2(NMO)
Maximum Operating Temperature:94℃(PP)、135℃(PE)/(NMO)

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