Our Story

Zhejiang Jhenten Machinery found on 1986, have more than 30 years experience on designs, builds, and services exceptional stainless steel vessels.  We focus our engineering skills and expertise on the innovative and sophisticated sanitary design of storage vessels, process tanks, and custom stainless steel fabrications.  Our customers recognize that they are getting the highest value products and technology solutions for the most challenging storage, mixing and processing applications in their industries.   The technology behind Jhenten Engineered Products ensures quality in a wide range of markets that mix, blend, process and store.
•Food & Beverage
•Personal Care
•Fine Chemicals
Jhenten Engineered Products uses leading edge materials and state of the art fabrication to deliver on our customers’ expectations across a broad range of stainless steel tanks for storage, mixing and processing, including agitated vessels, pressure vessels, horizontals and vertical storage tanks.

The agitation technologies, heat transfer solutions and cleaning options Jhenten provides to customers are designed for the demands of specific vessel content, design and use.
•We manufacture unique vertical and horizontal agitation for different tanks.
•We fabricate a full line of agitators –Propeller ,turbine, paddle, anchor, ribbon and more – for processing, mixing, and blending vessels.
•We engineer heat transfer surfaces including dimple, channel and half pipe for heating and cooling of virtually any vessel.
•Various cleaning options – CIP, spray ball– facilitate the cleanability of vessels, reduce energy consumption, and lower water demand in the cleaning cycle.

Jhenten can meet the specifications of all your specialized applications with custom stainless steel fabrication using higher alloys such as Hastalloy and Titanium and so on.  And if a pressure vessel requires ASME certification, we can provide that along with other codes, including CRN and PED.

Jhenten Engineered Products is perceived as a quality organization in stainless steel manufacturing, held in high regard for its traditional values of hard work and reliability.  Our employees are quality driven, always ready to take advantage of new ideas and streamline processes.  And this shows in the pride they take in sharing our engineering know-how, design capabilities and fabrication experience with our customers. 

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