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Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge (Filter Cake)

Depth-Stack Filter Cartridge (Filter Cake)

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Shell diameter:
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Qty. Of basket:
Model of basket:
Qty. of Bag Filter:
Model of Bag Filter:
Shell Material:
In-outlet connection:
Finish Type:
Cartridges connection:
Type of construction:
Magnet model:
Diatomite filtration Filter area:
Filter plate Diameter:
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•can be back washed, large flow
•The operation is simple and reliable: the firm's outer frame is designed so that the filter element is not damaged during installation and removal.
•After heat treatment, the filter board will not be deformed; the heat disinfection or the hot filtration fluid will have no adverse effect on the filter board.

•Enhance the security of the filter: the support of the separation plate filter board to enhance the overall support of the stability of the filter

•Clarification and filtration: grape, beer, liquor, fruit juice, brine, edible oil, high fructose syrup, bottled water
•Process fluid, particle removal: ink, paint, resin, varnish, perfume, fuel, silicone oil
•Bio - pharmaceutical, degerming and filtering: blood products, animal serum, raw material medicine, vaccine, infusion, transfusion, cell separation
•chemical agents: column protective enzyme, surfactant, catalyst interception

Technical Parameter
•Type &Size:
12”:diameterΦ304mm(Φ12”) length:290mm;
16”:diameterΦ423mm(Φ16”) length:270mm;
•Component Material:
body:Deep filter plate: cellulose, diatomite, perlite, resin etc.
Inner skeleton / support separating plate: polypropylene (PP)
Sealing ring:EPDM, PTFE, FKM, silicon
Precision Range:0.1μm~90μm
Referenced Precision Range:Typical applications
C002(0.2μm~0.4μm);C004(0.4μm~0.6μm):for injection, serum, vaccines and biological products etc.
C100(1.0μm~1.5μm);C150(1.5μm~3.0μm):for health care products, colloid
C300(3.0μm~6.0μm);C400(4.0μm~9.0μm);C500(5.0μm~10.0μm): for clarification of wine and beverages, as well as the process fluid, etc.;

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